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When it’s time to purchase insurance, you deserve to work with a team that has your best interests at heart. At Greater Home & Auto Insurance LLC, we are meticulous about providing policies that meet your unique needs. Turn to us for policies that include everything from home insurance, commercial insurance, auto insurance, renters’ insurance, or insurance for your RV, boat or golf cart. We have locations in Ocean Springs, and Biloxi.

What We Offer

Homeowners Insurance

House insurance is a necessity, not a luxury. You need to protect what is likely your biggest investment. With our help, you pay a fair price that offers the property insurance coverage you need. Our agency is here to assist you in finding comprehensive policies for your home, as well as any other property you may own. This includes everything from a business building to church property.

Flood insurance

Separate from homeowner’s insurance, but equally important, is flood insurance. We sell policies through the National Flood Insurance Program. Let us explain the policy options and how they work. Living near the water as we do, you or those you know have likely experienced flooding. To be prepared for this possibility, our agents want you to have the most comprehensive coverage you can.


The safest way to care for your golf cart is to have it insured!  Do you stay on the course or does your cart find its way onto public roads? What about a breezy ride around the beach at sunset or taking part in a local parade?  Is your cart speed modified? Does it have built in safety features like seatbelts, 5 way mirrors or turn signals?  If you drive in RV parks, on public roads, or even on your own property, your needs are going to vary. Remember, most cities require golf cart drivers to have a valid license and current insurance policy. Let us help you stay safe and legal by providing you with a policy catered to your needs. 

Auto Insurance

Are you looking for an affordable auto policy? Everybody is. As something you must have in order to legally drive, it’s important to have insurance that offers excellent protection at reasonable rates. Our agents take the time to get to know you so we can present the best options in a simple, straightforward way. Whether your family needs to add drivers or a new vehicle, we work with you to adapt your coverage, so you are ready for every twist and turn down the road.

Builders Risk Insurance

Are you building or renovating? Builders Risk is used to cover your property during the construction process.  It is designed to protect your insurable interest in fixtures, materials, and/or equipment being used for renovation or construction. Coverage typically applies  to property at the construction site and to property at off-site storage locations. Because every construction project is different, no two builders risk policies are alike. We can find the right coverage for your specific needs. 

BOAT, RV, Watercraft and ATV Insurance

More than homes and vehicles, we also insure boats, watercraft, RVs, and ATVs. In fact, if it can move, we can insure it! Enjoy your time out on the water, on the trails, or on the open road with peace of mind — knowing that your vehicle is completely covered by an excellent policy.

Commercial Insurance

You’ve dedicated precious time building and cultivating your business. You and your employees depend on it being protected. Our agents have the expertise to provide you with curated options to keep your business growing. 


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